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So as everyone knows Muldars apart of the Illuminati. Now I will explain how he is and why he joined. So first I’ll show you the proof Muldar’s Picture is from King Richard the 3rd as shown here
now As EVERYONE knows Kings are leaders and Donald trump is a leader and as shown here
youtu.be/TyH0DyWdGbg he is part of the Illuminati now I know what your thinking “This guy is insane” though that is very likely to be true I have more proof to Muldar being apart of the Illuminati. For 1 Muldar likes to be helpful and Was in a powerful position to control Celtic heroes like Donald trump is in a powerful position but to keep them not connected the ILLUMINATI decided that Muldar must be nice to keep suspicion off of him that he knows and is in the ILLUMINATI like Donald trump. Now also Muldar profile picture as stated above is from a play called king Richard the 3rd and there are 3 sides to a triangle thus MULDARS THE ILLUMINATI!! If I die for posting this I will haunt OTM (OTM is the head quarters for the Illuminati 3x3 = 9 x3 =18 /6 is 3 letters) Thanks to all for reading this and here’s the Illuminati’s website!https://illuminati.am
I hate ppl that hate ppl! “To end confusion you have to be a potato” -MemeLordJT


I know this is a joke post but omg is that website really legit?? I had no idea they had a website, thought they was still trying to maintain they didn't exist...This is crazy, as I'm writing this there's a man dressed in a lizard head on tv lol

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