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Any android savy people?

Hey guys, so im trying to figure out how to change my google play region to thailand so I can download an app from their play store. I have tried creating a new account with thailand set as the country and I also tried a thailand VPN. No luck so far. If anyone can help me do this it would be greatly appreciated. Please reply if you know how. Huge thanks.
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Re: Any android savy people?

Wolfenstien wrote:
KSGRSulius wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:Google the app name and add apk to end of search. Allow unknown sources and find the app and download.

I tried that, but its am online app so when I launch it, it goes to a blank black screen forever.

What's the app

Heroes age online
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Re: Any android savy people?

Tadaaah wrote:
KSGRSulius wrote:Heroes age online

It's the Thai localization of Celtic Heroes.

Is there a reason why it can’t use the same servers as Celtic Heroes with different language options? Or even the same app?

Just curious.

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