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Re: Closed Beta Sharing Screenshots

Zyz wrote:
Magikern wrote:
Zyz wrote:It's like watching previews to a movie before you go see it. I guess I don't see the issue and why people are actually mad about it... Oh no they shared some photos!!!!

Yeah ofc u dont mind leaked pictures from CG ,cus mattet of fact flough allready showed u what needed to be seen even before this beta came out..

I don't care because I don't care. Besides what the boss looks like, exactly what helpful information are these leaked screen shots showing? Nothing.

Just a screenshot could show:
How many people are needed to take it down
It’s level
Where it is in reference to the map
The skills it uses
Where for example a ranger would stand in order to do its best capabilities

Now that is all just a screenshot, a video would show even more and we have no idea what the person who is showing it said to describe the image.
So sorry but a screenshot holds more information that I think you realise

Re: Closed Beta Sharing Screenshots

We are aware of certain players leaking closed beta information, prohibited under closed testing rules.

Players we have found to be doing so will be removed from future beta tests.

Thanks to those who reported.
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