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Re: somebody

In the shape of an L on her forehead
Zacatac2 - 222 Rogue (Mostly Retired)
Zacatac2000 - 221 Ranger
Zacatac3 - 196+ Druid
DragonsBreath - 212+ Ice Mage
Osita - 205+ Warrior
BallZac - 66 or something rogue idk.. just like the name
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Re: somebody

Well, the years start coming and they dont stop coming
Ventius - level 227 ranger of dawn
Ventius - level 222 noob ranger of Enigma
Ventius - level 163 druid

RIP badabing

Your newest blue name who has dreams to one day be purple

Re: somebody

Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Shadowbolt3- 224 Rogue
Shadmistress- 188 Mage
Shadowbolt2- 113 Warrior (Retired)
Helaman- 157 Locker Rogue
ShadShot- 89 Ranger
Shadow Bolt- 82 Druid
Raganos- 100 Warrior
World: Crom
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