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Re: eh so i am thinking of buying an xbox one ._. o.o is it worth it?

Muldar wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:
Muldar wrote:
Decent console if you are into your shooters, though the PS4 would be my choice between the two.

Lot of good exclusives on PS4 that have made me consider buying one in future.

I would always suggest considering a gaming PC if you don't have one already.

Or wildcard, Nintendo Switch. I got one on launch and I absolutely love it, few of us in the office have one and it has been great fun.

Muld did not just say he's a playstation fan lol

PC Master Race ;)

I like some of Sonys exclusives though, Bloodborne for one.

Only console I have at the moment is the Nintendo Switch and it is probably one of my favorite if not favorite consoles I've ever owned.

Tbh I like Microsoft so much more almost every lobby u join u get a person at least 1 with a mic who can talk to you and the people there are funny and it isn't always cussing and arguing it can be a cool lobby or if you play offline solo I prefer the way the controller was made to PlayStation also the dashboard and "party chats" with colors and what not are a really cool feature in my opinion

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