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Re: Celtic heroes youtube channel

Tips for you, I'd recommend making your subscriptions private otherwise, it makes your channel seem like a mess. Making your own, nice thumbnails attracts more viewers which is always good :P
Have a good upload schedule too, as for the vids you make idk lol just something entertaining.

Re: Celtic heroes youtube channel

I created a youtube channel around a year and a half ago I do not do it anymore but I got upwards of a thousand subscribers and all I did was really post videos actively, make sure the commentary is good and may be play a bit of music in backround and like said above have thumbnail and a catchy name it will attract more people!
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Re: Celtic heroes youtube channel

I would like to see those vids where that cool druid Athelas is in group.... :)

No seriously, the "big boss" videos are cool. Gele, prot, mord, necro. The ones where different groups are needed and would be cool to have videos from those different groups...Edited as one!

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