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Re: Where are you from?

Well...I was born on the second floor of the tavern in the first room on the right...
Blind old Erskine delivered me while his trusty partner scruffy the dog guided him through the process. It was a hatchet job to say the least but we all made it through and lived in the tavern until someone found me and made me learn bolas...now I slave away for my clan making people walk slower :cry: It's a rough life. I earn my bread and water from my chieftain and when bolas misses I get "disciplined" with their bloodgrove club(OTM plz fix bolas so I can hit more than once a week so the beatings will stop)

(Actually from United States in Georgia)
Professional Noob (Also a Sun God...but who cares)
Appolo-203 Ranger
Appy-80 Rouge

Quote of my Life:
How can I act my age?I've never actually been this old before...
Character Info: http://tinyurl.com/appolo-crom

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