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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show(s) You've Watched

Last one I watched was infinity war. Would say 9/10. Overall a really great movie but a couple plot flaws here and there. Big cliffhanger too.

Besides that in the past month I’ve watched Sword art Online: Ordinal Scale and I’d give it a 6/10. It doesn’t really give u the whole sao feel that the show had. Not a bad movie but a lot of it doesn’t make sense or give u the sao-type feel to it.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show(s) You've Watched

Romeo wrote:watching Dracula untold right now, best Dracula movie by far imo and one that's actually watchable lol. Luke Evans is one of my top actors.

That was actually the worst film I’ve ever seen tied with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the latter which bored me to death.

Evans is a good actor, no doubt about it, but the plot was dumbed down like a Marvel/Disney film. Kill bad guys, love angle, then when you add in the vampire bit it further ruins it as they had the potential to make a gritty and dark Dracula remake but went with the overly done film that has more than necessary action. The ending was the cherry on top.

I probably just have very high expectations for films after watching a lot of good ones.
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