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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show(s) You've Watched

LeGenDzZ wrote:
Muldar wrote:
I really liked it, Arrival was great too but it felt a bit simplistic.

You might be the first person I know who found Arrival simplistic.

Even I had to look at a video on YouTube to have a full understanding of the film :lol: I definitely need to watch Annihilation if you're putting it above Arrival.

I would say each have their strong points.

Arrival was very atmospheric and told this interesting story wrapped around the main character.

Annihilation felt a bit more "adult" focusing instead on human emotion while at the same time having this huge alien presence.

Both great films :)
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show(s) You've Watched

The wire - 5 seasons - 10/10

It was a chore to go through the first few episodes, but once I got to know the characters and their intricate relationships with the Baltimore drug scene it became evident that this show was going to reap dividends as it progressed, I was never this right.

There were too many iconic and memorable characters to keep count of, along with the strong realism presented in the drug dealing to the gun fights, it made Breaking Bad look amateurish.

If you're patient and looking for a show that is well written where every episode means something then this show is certainly for you.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show(s) You've Watched

Subberino wrote:Watched Avengers Infinity War like a few weeks ago.

Gotta give it a 0/10, Spiderman died.


9/10 on Infinity War,
great setup,
good foreshadowing without being obvious,
great cast (a tad large, but they fix that...).

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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show(s) You've Watched

Vikings 8.5/10

Comparable to Game of Thrones with its knights, warriors, and kingdom politics, albeit missing the magic. First season felt boring, but it picked up from there. The battles were a treat to watch, which is where it is slightly better than the early GoT seasons where they skipped out on showing the full battles. The writing felt sloppy, an example of this was a fake betrayal that was setup as one for the viewers, felt like a cheap gimmick. Although it wasn't historically accurate at all, I still recommend it, especially if you enjoyed Game of Thrones, but the latter is still a better show than this so far.

Cargo 6/10

Zombie film with barely enough thrill, gore, and substance. Only saving grace was Martin Freeman (Fargo, Sherlock). I felt it could have done better if viewers did not know the outcome in the first twenty minutes.
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