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Re: Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

Seipper wrote:Last two movies I've seen in the last two days. Peter pan (the original old Disney movie) 1/10 legit the worst movie I've ever seen. Percy Jackson 5/10 interesting story but bad acting at times and always horrific choreography.

Kill.. Your... Self

Just kidding... but 5/10 for Percy Jackson...

Any book enthusiast will agree with me that movie is a -100/100 worst movie in the entire universe to ever be created
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Re: Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

Have watched these movies over the span of five months.

The Accountant (2016) - 6/10: Found the movie's climax too dull. Although a great performance from Ben Affleck.

Apocalypto (2006) - 10/10: I don't often watch watch movies where I am induced to read subtitles, but this movie was art. The portrayal of the ancient Mayans was on point. Strongly recommended.

Oldboy (2003) - 10/10: A Korean movie with a dark and twisted climax. Subtitles were of no issue once again due to the strong storytelling. Excellent music.

Dawn of the Dead (1978) - 8/10: The grandfather of all those gory zombie movies and tv show. Thoroughly enjoyed it despite having watched the remake. The two movies are very different from each other, but a mall is involved in both.

The 25th Hour (2002) - 7.5/10: A story chronicling the last day of freedom for a small time criminal before being incarcerated for seven years. It's a pretty deep movie. Watch it for Edward Norton.

Training Day (2001) - 8.5/10: A thriller that explores police corruption and narcotics. Whole story takes place in a day like 25th Hour. Washington and Hawke make a good duo in this movie.

Inside Man (2006) - 6.5/10: Bank robbery. Modern take on Dog Day Afternoon but with a mystery.

Deja Vu (2003) - 6/10: Detectives use science to change the past and prevent a ship from being blown up.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s )You've Seen

The Shawshank Redemption 11/10

After hearing glowing reviews about this movie from critics and family I finally decided to watch it.

Brilliant story of hope, compassion and friendship, the story will stay with me the acting was amazing from Morgan and Tim, this movie easily earns its top place on IMDB. When the whole thing is revealed at the end it makes you look back and think how didn't I see that, will try to keep spoilers obscure so i don't ruin for others.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s )You've Seen

Good Will Hunting 9/10
Awesome movie definelty has become now one of my favorites, and many memorable scenes

The Big Short 7/10 fanatastic movie, exploring the Finacial Crisis of 2008. They did a great job, maybe used some terminology that some may not be familiar with but did usually try to relate the "confusing terminology" into a way that is easier to understand.

Both are definelty worth watching if you haven't yet.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

LeGenDzZ wrote:Oldboy (2003) - 10/10: A Korean movie with a dark and twisted climax. Subtitles were of no issue once again due to the strong storytelling. Excellent music.

One of my personal favorites, good choice.

I recommend I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK, same director.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s )You've Seen

Sausage party - 8/10

Honestly I expected it to be some sort of a kids movie until it just hit me right in the face that it wasn't._. Really funny movie but some parts were badly done and random (imo). Would highly recommend it though.

Angry birds movie - 8/10
really well done and fun movie.

X-men apocalypse - 6/10
It wasn't bad tbh but so much vagueness and all. For example Jean's powers at the end really made no sense to me. Also I feel like it could've been acted better.
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