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How do you pronounce your Forum/CH names?

Weird question.
How do you all pronounce your Forum/CH names?
I pronounce 'Zyz' Zis
'Offiues' Offi-yous
'Muldar' Mul-dar (my friend says Muld-ar [yes there is a difference])

I pronounce my own name Is-are-tree

Random people from my server:
Onida On-i-da
Sparrowlynn Spar-ow-line
Agoprinz Ag-oprin-se
Tiari McRanel Ti-ary Mc-Ra-nal
Tete tet-ay
Adrohan Malcolm Ad-roo-han Ma-lco-me
Baleno Ball-en-noooooooooo

Ya its weird right?
How do you pronounce everything?
Issartri - Ranger - Fingal - 170 - Blackfyre
Issartri - Ranger - Arawn - 80+
I quit, again, no one enjoys the game anymore bc yall complain too much, the whole thing is revolving around bosses and selfish dom clans.
Peace out - Issa

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