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Video Game Addiction

it's me again. u may have seen me posting some stuff and ill save the "i have matured" crap everyone says wen they always started stuff and then quit, u can just see wen i post more.

anyways i feel like celic heroes is like a drug. as a freshman i had to have a unit in pe called the health unit, and we learned about drugs. Scary stuff, needless to say, this game is a drug. I started off way back in 2011 around my bday in nov, casually playing as an 11 yr old, not knowing the "dangers" of the game. once i actually understood that stats and skills existed (3 months after playing) and then learned how to use them, (probably a year later) i was finally and "experienced" user of ch. i always told myself i would never spend money on this game, or i would never play for more than an hour a day, but oh boy i was wrong. just like a drug, i became addicted, it didnt seem like it at first, but once i was 13 i would start playing for longer, pushing off school work saying i could do it in the morning and what not.

Then it got boring, i quit, and then came the withdrawals, i was easily bored, and always wanting to play the game so bad. I would be hella bored with nothing to do after my hw, just like getting sick without the drug, i was bored without ch.

after 2-3 weeks of so called withdrawals, it stopped, then once summer starts, i see a pic from my ipod on the game, and im like, hey ill give it another goal. just like a drug, after using it a bunch then quitting, once u start it again u are instantly addicted. I was once again playing a ton, thank god it was summer and there was no school. but i would rather play ch instead of goin over to friends houses sometimes.

now being 15 ive poured some money into it, sometimes getting lunch money and not giving the parents the change so i can save up for google cards (i guess u could say thats like stealing money for ur drug, sort of)

i quit again a couple months ago, and noticed a trend, i would start off first half of the school year playing, first quarter was casual, second quarter was intense, sometimes pretending to be sick to play, 2nd semester of school i would quit. then join over the summer, that was the trend.

needless to say, this game is like a drug, and even tho i dont want to, i will probably come back over the summer.

but hey, id rather be doing ch than actual drugs.
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Re: celtic heroes is a drug

lmao i wouldnt quite say its a drug, its a good game no doubt but when i hit 221 i got pretty bored of it, main reason i still play is because of the friends ive made along the way.
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Re: celtic heroes is a drug

I agree with the fact that this game is a 'drug'
I've faced the wrath of my teachers many times for not doing homework or studying, because i was playing this game.
Quite a while ago i was so addicted, the only thing i spoke about, thought about, and did was this game.
Its a great game, but - as with almost every game - it becomes addictive, once you know what to do. Although i have managed to stop playing non stop 8 hours, i still feel i play this game too much.

I've actually quit the game until exams are over, and i go and come back from holiday, about 3 weeks, 4 if i get loaded with homework again.

My trend is similar to yours, casual, intense...
But my mam sends me to school whatever i feel like...as long as im not dying

Hehe its true, ch is a better thing to be addicted to than drugs.
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I quit, again, no one enjoys the game anymore bc yall complain too much, the whole thing is revolving around bosses and selfish dom clans.
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Re: Video Game Addiction

I had this issue, noticed I was losing sleep over the game, and deleted it.

Redownloaded it for this summer and will delete it again when I head back to school.

Just takes a bit of Self-Control. If you let it own you then yes, it's a drug, so don't let it own you.
Would you kindly?


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