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Re: What otm look like

I kinda imagine Muldar looking like Fox Mulder.
And for some reason Esq is tall, has black hair and a pointy nose in my mind.

And morgana is pale and has black hair, with red streaks

And bitey (ik not otm staff) is short with a narrow face, and brown hair.

And you mr.Romeo have blonde curly hair, and a toothy smile.

Idk why

These are what comes to my mind when i think of you all xD
(woo non stalkerish wondering!)
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Re: What otm look like

I picture them at a bar like tavern in Celtic gear for real. Don't know what they look like but this is how I picture them. Morgana singing karaoke way off key that it made cats come hiss.
Esq playing darts with real people as the target. :shock:
Kodelia dancing to I Will Survive (Don't know why I'd have this image).
Muldar fell asleep at the table after having one too many root beer floats.. .
While Admin is yelling at everyone to call it a night..
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Re: What otm look like

Guess I have never showed my face ;)

I quite like the Q / Fox Mulder ideas, that and the we are all at a Tavern :lol:

Showing our faces may help remind everyone we are all humans with a love of video games at the end of the day.
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Re: What otm look like

You can also google image search 'One Thumb Mobile pictures', you'd see some old pics and also what Richard (admin) looks like.

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