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Quotes by some forumers ;)

Disclaimer: This is a joke post and not intended to be mean in any way.

Desmond Glace "I have around 10000 million gold but can't show a screenshot"

Zyz "Who cares it's not real"

Dilvar "(something sarcastic and then the heart emoji)"

Aileron "Wow, what great drops! Dark focus mordy spears and lucky for us, we got amazzzzing gele drops too."

Muldar "Congratulations heroes!"

Voldemort "MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

CrayOn "..." (Colored pencils are better)

Smellyunder "Arawn has its 900000th set of EDL! It belongs to a ranger!"

Legislative "(calls someone a clown)"

Curry "Chickens"

Otm staff "Soon." Credited to lordy (I think?)

Please let me know if you would like to be on this list ;)
Please also let me know if you are on this list and would like to be taken off.
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Re: Quotes by some forumers ;)

Who is this guy.. And how does he know about the heart!
No i wont type it..
I will behave and not fall for his evil tricks❤️

I did it...
Epona's #1 Tank (arrogant but true)
Dilvar (lvl 222) no Alts.
Chieftain of Anarchy since years.
Life is beautiful cause you are in it (looks in mirror)

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