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Dlvllbv and PurpleLine's GFX Shop(Free Signatures and more)

PurpleLine may start taking requests from this thread aswell.

I started Graphics when i was 13 and practiced for two years, but recently I haven't been doing any at all.
Since I don't wanna lose my skill, I've decided to open up a shop here(they will be free). I had Gfx Shops on
different forums, but I don't visit any of them. I am most comfortable making signatures, however I can make
avatars, and other things as well. And I am also most comfortable with Anime pictures but I can work with
I don't really expect many requests on this forum but I'll give it a try.

If you want a signature, submit this form in the replies below.
Render of image (This is the image with background removed entirely, not white background, no background)-
Extra Details-

Examples of mine:



I may take my time with a request, and though they are free, I am dlvllbv on danu, incase you wanna send me something ;)
And hopefully there isn't a rule against slightly larger Signature images.
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Re: Free Forum Signatures For Fun

Bandos wrote:So what exactly do you do? You aren't the artist who created the pictures.

They choose the image, add text and make it look even awesome-er and gives it to whoever asked for it
Signatures for all!
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Re: Free Forum Signatures For Fun

Swift Heaven wrote:Any template with a hood,male
Color(s)- black and purple
Text- "Sometimes there is no right choice..."
Size- medium
Extra Details- gloomy

Srry if i submitted it wrong

Foool wrote:Use one from your template, any is fine
Color(s)- red
Text- Arguing with a fool only proves that there are two
Size- small, not too big
Extra Details- make it look good

I'll have them done within a few days :)
Danu - Dlvllbv - 150+ Warrior. Inactive most of the year.

Playing since Yule of 2011

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