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Re: Any new series coming out?

If you have Netflix, the Netflix original daredevil season one is pretty good. A bit darker than most of the marvel stuff, but I enjoyed it.

Definitely better than arrow in my humble opinion. Season two is coming out sometime in the near future.
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Re: Any new series coming out?

PurpleRain wrote:
Solumbum wrote:Real life :P

Where would I be without your truths with a tad bit of sarcasm.

Of course!
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Re: Any new series coming out?

Uh im currently involved in watching 16 tv series. Idk what kind of tv u are interested in but this is a show i started last year (so clearly not new:D).

Its called Sherlock... each episode is about an hour and thirty minutes. Benedict Cumberbatch is the main actor along with the guy who was the main actor in the hobbit (dont know his name off the top of my head). Give it a go if you havent seen it.
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Re: Any new series coming out?

All in the family is a great one but it might be hard to find since it doesn't run on TV anymore because of all the PC police
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