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Your Top Ten Celtic Heroes Players Of All Time? part 1, 10-5

Hello Guys, kilp here again.
Today I want to Dicuss the major players that have changed or had a influence in the way you play. Taught you to be a better class with useful information or Gave u a good start.
Dont not take any of this personal. I love everyone on here, just some has really made the game a joyous experience.

10. Desmond Grace.
Yes the big talker with the huge pockets that flaunts his wealth. But however, this guy has the made the Android server a joyous one, doing events and giveaways. U can literally walk up to him and ask him for anything. As long u will pay it back. He really does put his money where his mouth is.

Yes he can seem like he is very nieve sometimes with his babble of chickens. However, when it comes to rangers, he is in every discussion. He seems to know every aspect of how to be a ranger. He may seem naive, but he is one of the greatest rangers I know.

Yes, the legendary creator of Infection. Hands down one of the best leaders among the servers. She had been the major influence of Herne since the dawn of it. All of her teachings of how to be a proper clan in the early stages of Herne is all thanks to her.

7. Vulture
Every one knows this person. Vulture is a person that never afraid to speak his mind. Even to point of wanting to go to Canada and throwing him off a cliff. However, you have to respect when it comes to Rogues, he got the info. Much like Curry when it comes to Rangers. Vulture is in every discussion. He always has created the recent plans of how to kill Gelebron. Keep up the good work vulture, very smart indeed.

Does this op mofo even need a reason why? 7 mill health lookin ass. I love you Jake. Keep being a Good Guide for all them noobs!

5. Muldar
This baby face, smooth talkin guy right here. How the hell can u not like this guy? He has been the voice of the people since the start. Informing us on events, and fixes. He has been a powerhouse in his short time. Muldar, keep being the wonderful person you are. Because you really are. :)

This post is for 10 thru 5.
Second post coming soon.
Post only 10-5.
My fingers are sore, send help.
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Re: Your Top Ten Celtic Heroes Players Of All Time? part 1,

There are ppl whom Id nominate but they arent active on forums. A nomination best on server should be server nominations but thats ur personal taste, because I for example dont know Shaden but I'll assume she must be great. Id rank my chief as #1 btw :P
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