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Re: The War Veterans

Skenkee wrote:
Lord4042 wrote:
Skenkee wrote:That army of yours is no match for my specially trained chickens. But to show you my superior power and alliance I call in everyone to oppose this louzy threat! And follow my cause to conquer the south as punishment.

Join me my brothers and sisters. We shall show our superior strength!

What is that armor made of? Coal!?
And 150?
Is that all you've got!?
I shall send my veteran beserkers to wipe that smirk of your face!

-I hate your AWSOME drawing skills and photoshoping skills :evil: and how do u photoshop? Which app do you use?-

That's what the Persian king said. :p And he only faced 300.

And I use my magic ;)

And you have not seen my army....
These 500 chickens are the weakest troops of my army...
Soon I'll unleash the beasts...
By the way, the Persian King won...

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