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Re: what is your favorite top 3 YouTuber?




Danger Dolan


Variant Commics



Screen Junkies


Matthew Santoro

(IK he said only 3 but I these are all my favourites)
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Re: what is your favorite top 3 YouTuber?

1. h3h3Productiona
2. TVFilthyFrank
3. MatthewSantoro ( nice facts )

Been watching h3h3Productions and FilthyFrank, both are amazing channels. Their comedy is unique.

Ethan Klein from h3h3 is probably the funniest guy on the internet I've seen. His reviews on cringeworthy and controversially popular YouTubers will make you die of laughter.

Filthy frank offers messed up skits with dark humour, P.S avoid the vomit and hair cake videos.

It's a great change from all those prank channels if you're looking for a laugh. Who else is sick of these GONE SEXUAL, IN THE HOOD pranks?? Also sad to see most of them are fake.
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