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Re: Someone's reaction to new engine announcement and respon

DooMeD wrote:Just to be clear, I know the issues will be fixed (well for ios anyways, no love for android) I just thought it was funny.

Useless topic,
Already a thread existing about feedback :)
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Re: Someone's reaction to new engine announcement and respon

Heroskill wrote:Just remember this just came out of beta recently :/ most games have issues still even after coming out of beta .-. Nothing is going to be 100% perfect.... I've seen a ton of bashing on otm on fb ._.

Lol, I posted this in off topic because it wasn't a serious discussion. Was just a laugh at the insightful comment.

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Re: Someone's reaction to new engine announcement and respon

As much as we can understand everyone's frustration, we had very little means to predict such technical issues.

I cannot emphasise more that the team are working as quickly as possible to resolve things as fast as possible.
Many of the technical issues that unfortunately have arisen are caused by things we could not have truly tested until the game client was live. Now that it is, we are working to correct them.
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