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Re: Average age?

I started this game upon my 19th Birthday, I made new friends of which 1 I met for a curry and a beer last year. Good times, it's always been an escape route from life rather than a game for me, I'm now 21 and still haven't surpassed level 150 :lol:
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Re: Average age?

I'm 8 SOON 9 xDDD I'm so excited!!!!! I'm going to be up early because tomorrow is my birthday party I won't be able to sleep more SO EXCITED!!!! XD there will be so many people Marga fausto adriano manoli Eric girl Eva mother queal Radha me Marnie bella Jacob i hope my friend Charlotte will be there music Ricky Martin cheesecake for birthday mutserella olives Mayonnaise chips 2 and hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ehhehehehehehee
And another bd on my real birthday another candles with Mathias and because I'm not doing on my bd Tuesday on Sunday cause noOne is working on Sundays so I get another bd on Tuesday because Mathias isn't coming my party he's coming on my bD
so many presents

so yes I'm 9 heheheehe
I'm elisa thx stop calling me newt thxxx

unblock me plz you won't regret my voice rocks I rehearsed a lot during summer

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Re: Average age?

Voldemort wrote:As I said on the last age thread in April 2012

"You must work to know my age.


To the nearest whole number :D

Hehe :twisted:"

The above was posted in April 2012. I was born in June. it is now September 2014. Work out my age now ;)

You have no nose. So it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I started playing at age 15, I am now 18, turning 19 this November.
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