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Re: The real unbalance D:

LeGenDzZ wrote:I dont want to be sexist or anything, but women dont make ideal chieftans.

They get too sentimental over things and it affects their leadership, i dont speak for everyone when i say this...

I can not disagree more, sorry.

Flicker (herne) is an awsome general and would make an incredible chieftain.
Although our current chief isn't too shabby himself ;)
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Re: The real unbalance D:

Their quite some females on lugh, in my clan theirs more than 2 I believe possibly a lot more also one of the big clans have a female for a chief
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Re: The real unbalance D:

Bitey wrote:
M7md1997 wrote:So everyone been saying that worlds are unbalanced with a high number of rogues and low of other classes til 2 days ago i found that my clan has about 200 members and got shocked when i found that my clan has only 7 girls -.-
Gaming needs more girls (+1 this :cry:)

Sorry! In my next life I'll try to re-roll as a girl :D

Thx for your great support man.. Really appreciate it :cry:
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Re: The real unbalance D:

The real quistion is how many of those girl charectors you see running around are actually guys 0.0
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Re: The real unbalance D:

Taranis has been run primarily by matriarchs for most of it's history. The "Big 3" endgame clans on the server all have no technical "cheif", but a group of gens (usually 5-7) that run the clan. In 2 of the three clans, the primary general is female, and in the third a female and a male gen are roughly tied in terms of activity and influence. Sure there are of course well-respected male generals in all of the clans, however the most outstanding are usually female.
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