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Re: My art :p

Agentyamski wrote:Wow guys these are really great. Maybe I'll jump in and try something, though I'm not the greatest. Pencil and paper here I come :P

looooool :lol:
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Re: My art :p

Ahahaaa I just saw the teaweasel ks one! Awesome work xell! Love it! All of it!
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Re: My art :p

LOL. Rogue, did you really misspell your clan name "Devine Forces". That is epic funny.

And yeah Xell rocks, fully agree. If only she was at good in game as she is in art. :shock: :lol: :twisted:

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Re: My art :p

Too much druid and rogue love in this thread!

Go Mage Go!


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Re: My art :p

Make admin avatar idk what do you think of when you here about a lvl 400 character in stonevale for your first time. lol and im working on some atm ill post when i get better.
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