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New game??

I love celtic heroes. One of the best games ever. Some of the best graphics for a moble mmorpg. But the celtic/viking time period theme is getting a bit boring. Make something with a more modern theme. Like WWII theme. For classes, Druid is medic, mage is radio op, rogue is close range/hand to hand, ranger is sniper, and warrior is the average grunt. Now that you have experience with a game like that, make it!!! I would support that game 100%. "World war Heroes" possibly

Re: New game??

yeah but a big part of celtic heroes is the cool legendary armor and stuff...if we did a realistic game like what you mentioned the best armor would be...combat suit?

not a very good idea to me...sorry
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Re: New game??

What about a more futuristic ground combat like the movie Avatar. The Avatar video game has different types of armor that you get throughout the game. And same if you play as a naive. And then you can get specual weapon types. Not the boring lead bullets. But lasers and rockets... srry. I have an imaginative mind

Re: New game??

Do you realize how much work this is for OTM? To reprogram EVERYTHING.
3 more cons.
1. Patch would be like... 2 hours long.
2. Plenty of other games like this in the App Store already: Brothers in Arms 2, etc
3. Many people might quit.

If this happens, this will be my reaction


Hi, I quit. Thanks.
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Re: New game??

Sorry, just not a good idea. All of the good WWII games are missions. Wtf how would we do free roam? I've ALAWAYS loved celtic, in fact one year for halloween i was a celtic warrior. Blue paint ad everything. Its just not a good idea, sorry

Re: New game??

Well i can tell u have a imagination but if this were to happen it would have to be a whole other game or otm will loose pretty much everyone. I like the game the way it was back in sv times all these new updates dont fit the game at all. When i started this game there was no ow just stonevale, shalemont, lirs, dustwither, and crookback. I was so amazed by the game the time of when the game was, the armours, the way all the areas just fit together so well and perfectly. I loved how it was so relaxed, clan wars were fun, the lvl cap was perfect, no one pushed you to lvl. Then when the ow came out it changed the game. When it came out i noticed a whole new way to make people's life's horrible in the game because thats when the major boss griefing started and all the ksing and major clan wars rose. Then there comes the arena along with the ow or soon after idk. This changed the game in a major way by allowing the major douches in the game to bully low lvls for a reason that they hit them for 2 damag :O so much damage! At this point i saw the game drifting more from celtic times with some fantasy to major fantasy with little celtic times. Now this game has turned into a pay to play rather then a play to have fun and for free. The lvl gap is so high and takes way to long to hit they high lvls without buying elixers and spending hours to play. The once good days of celticheroes is gone and now the boring and pay to play celticheroes has arrived.

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