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Re: Constitution: Founders were religious or non-religious

Warning i gave you was not over this post it is about you calling people names, you were reported twice yesterday. You are right i should not refute the existance of "god" what i do refute is the "truth" told by Christian churches , and that the founding fathers were in fact not christians for the most part
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Re: Constitution: Founders were religious or non-religious

anglzfury wrote:Not trying to bash on religious people, but, how do you guys believe in some all-powerful entity that has no evidence to support that it exists?
I mean, there isn't exactly proof that He doesn't exist, but still.

Why is God believable, but unicorns aren't?

But the thing is, more people believe that there is a greater power out there (as in aliens etc.) than they do with Christianity, yet there is more proof being that Jesus did exist while there is absolutely no evidence that aliens ever existed or still do.

I personally find it ridiculous how Christians believe that Earth was created 6000 years ago, cmon think about it. Dammit the aboriginals where here in Australia 40,000 years ago! How does that work then? What about the dinosaurs? What about carbon dating? What about prehistoric fossils? Im sure some Christians won't believe that the world is 6000 years old but for those that do, where is your proof

Not trying bash Christian people

Ps: i tend to look at the scientific side of things
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Re: Constitution: Founders were religious or non-religious

pigman wrote:Tell me how? They teach you Jesus was the whitest guy ever, but he came from the Middle East??? Makes sooooooooo much sense

Jesus is not from earth... He's from heaven, and saying that the scientific effects that he created would be effective on him is just ridiculous, he's from heaven, he created us in his image, which means we look like him (shape not color) And I dare you to read the bible. I dare you.
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Re: Constitution: Founders were religious or non-religious

We're getting a little off-topic here. The point is the founding fathers. The majority were religious. They founded the country on noticeable Christian principals, however due to their experience overseas with being oppressed, allowed free religious exercise of all kinds for all. Secular historians and teachers constantly try to rewrite history to knock Christianity, or religion in general, from the picture when teaching students. Many teachers claim people moved to America so that they could have freedom FROM religion, when in reality it was freedom OF religion they wanted. I know many older people who were taught the "of" and not "from" a while back, before they started changing the textbooks.

However, I'll humor you. Under intense conditions, fossils and trees and be petrified and fossilized in the right conditions. Let's say, like a major flood. (The land bears evidence of such a flood, including huge boulders rounded and moved by a heavy force of water in desserts. They show evidence of being moved and shaped by a powerful force.) And mud can quickly preserve such. Carbon dating starts becoming innacurate at 2000 years. It's not reliable, and has been proven as such, but is used anyway.
We do not know for sure whether the earth is six thousand years old, although there is evidence shown that indicates it could be possible, based on the number-count of people. As well, many people in olden days describe seeing dinosaur like creatures. (See "behemoth") It could be possible these creatures existed long before the flood, were killed in the flood, and died out or were killed off after the flood due to lack of food or the fear they installed in hunters. On another note, many people say that God made the world over a span of millions of years, but called them "days" because time passes quickly for him.
The layers in the earth--well, we don't know how God made the earth, do we? I'm sure he used science to his advantage (so that we could later use science to our advantage in altering out surroundings) and either accelerated time or the "not actually a week, but millions of years" theory works out.

Also, just wanna add for a side note, many non-religious documents talk of Jesus, that he was born, and that he was killed. Whether he was the Son of God is up to you to believe. An educated historian could tell you this.
Some tasties for you:
Chariot wheels were found on the bottom of the Red Sea. (There are pictures.) In the exact and only place you could be capable of crossing if, let's say, all the water mysteriously receded into two large walls on either side of you. The place only crossable has mountains on either side, and the only flat place in between them you could walk on under the water is where the chariot wheels were found.
The imprint, with exact dimensions depicted from the Bible, of the ark was found in the mountains. (Also, pictures. I think it might have been in Turkey)
The ark of the covenant was claimed to be found by a man. He later went back to get it, but never returned. (You can't touch it, or you die. Sort of an obvious fact)
Where Sodom and Gomorrah (sp?) were, they found brimstone, and the evidence of a sudden burning that torched the entire city instantaneously.

Think about it. Stories written from all over the world by people who never met, and their stories line up in the bible and in history. Some appear to contradict if you don't know the culture, but yet they're so in tune.
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Re: Constitution: Founders were religious or non-religious

Well, didn't quite see that this topic was heating up again, but may as well revert it back to its original purpose. My argument was that the founders were not all Christian, hence they never would have agreed on something based of Christian principles. Take you and Pigmans argument, and know try to write a document with him that eventually will lead a global superpower. Know imagine you are from opposing political parties, and are from different regions of the knew nation. It would be virtually impossible for you both to write a constitution, let alone you and a large group of people. Thus, the reason why the constitution was based on a nonreligious belief (Along with my other arguments, not just this one specifically). As for the website, no, it is not pure fact. It was made by devout Christians, hence intense bias towards there case. As for there being all sorts of religious statues everywhere, yea there are. If you will look, there are also other religions statues in abundance. Also, not quite sure what new statues has to do with the constitution.

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