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Re: Smoking vs Vaping

CrazyMae wrote:So thc vaporizes at around 220–300f(I like between 222 and 234 f in est zone) depending on temp humidity and location. When you burn this plant much of the thc evaporates burns off and is lost. By controlling the temperature of this plants extraction (as well as many others) we can retain and utilize all of the therapeutic properties that might have been otherwise burnt off by extreme heat. Allowing some thc to escape at vape temps and the rest to release into fat soluble oils (this is why we add water to cannabis butter, not to dilute but to ensure a slow steady temperature in a crock pot while we go about the day) the same reason we don’t burn our food is the same reason not to burn our bud. A burnt steak and a medium cooked steak are 2 very different things. It’s just not worth the loss. You won’t get double your money for your plant but close enough to make the vape worth it if you shop around.

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Re: Smoking vs Vaping

My body is a temple so no ty but as I have many friends who work in the hospital I would say smoking is for mugs, the damage it does is ridiculous. The mess it leave behind is horrendous.

Vaping we don’t know yet as it’s too know to have proper findings, of course smoking steam can’t be that bad but I would recommend getting your vaps from a proper source some of these pop up shops sell vaps and you really don’t know what is in them.

We have had cases in the UK where cigarettes containing animal poo and leaves and dirt and other bad chemicals in them being sold in pop up shops.
I’m sure some of these vaps shops are similar, also we have had cases of perfume with chemicals and also urine in them. Only buy from proper shops not corner places.
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Re: Smoking vs Vaping

I'm turning forty next year and smoked cigs and weed since I was 15 or 16. Two years ago finally qwit drinking and managed to swap the butts for a vape mod. It works for me for now, as I still enjoy nicotine. It's saved me a crapload of money and as far as vaping goes, I've had absolutely no breathing problems or wheezing. Been vaping a year now. As far as weed goes, they got a separate type of vape mod for thc cartridges with oil in them and also special vapes that you can literally put the dry weed in and get the thc in a vape hit, these type of mods can be expensive. Personally I like all of the above. Drinking almost completely ruined my life. Weed tends to be a safe thing I can enjoy, however that being said, it's not for every1.

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