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Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

I use bunny on warrior (not EG) for leveling/dailies and the heal makes life so much easier (the extra energy comes in handy on skill-builds too). At EG I'll switch to a boar (tanky) or mastiff (dps/support), but I'm definitely not going to get rid of bunny for running dailies.

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Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

Dragon is THE mage pet. Everything else is alot worse.

Not only is the skill elemental(and matches nice with your own lures), but it gives you that nice focus/vit boost and critical+

If you cant afford the dragon, try to anyway, because youll probably regret it later. But if you want a non-dragon go eagle for dmg, or you could go bunny to save money with energy regen.
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Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

Dragon all the way, after that I would probably vote rabbit, as the “damage” skill from the falcon is not even worth discussing, so the only aspect of it that’s worthwhile is the evasion affect, however I haven’t heard anything to show that it’s a game changing number. The heal from the hare is pretty amazing and has saved me who knows how many times before I switched over to dragon. For most mages a level 6 gold hare will heal 1/4-1/2 their total health.
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Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

Dragons beat everything but if not then ofc the usual hare/falcon, the evasion debuff is quite nice for raids (especially if theres no rogue with strong expose it can boost his effect a bit). If u want hardcore dps u can go for spider too for the skill only, but I doubt u will benefit much from it as mages only get kills on bt really where dragon is best rest kinda suck (wolf is slash and low dmg, dog is pierce decent dmg, falcon is crush with equal dmg to dog).
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