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Best Build

Hey guys, im a lvl 176 mage on rosmerta. Im having troubles soloin without the use of a ton of pots. Once dbl plat pulls around i hope to be 180 and i would have then have bught a lvl 150 river ammy, Eldritch grim of Mystery, and when i reach 185 i will have a shadowlore grim of earth. But with dbl plat i want to buy a firemage skull, spiderweb lvl 170+ firemage skill misc and a better rings. Anuy suggestions for future and now is appreciated and with dbl plat i will have money. If anyone could help me out that be great, thx. My current gear and skills are

Full Dl
Mainhand: Shadow grim Of Flame
Offhand: Focus Of Mystic
Lvl 150 shrivewood set
2 firemage bracelet of vit, 1 boost firebolt other energy shield
2 Paradais Blood Opal Rings and 1 Grand Infernocasters Ring Of Crag

Str: 5
Dex: 5
Focus: 765 (1450)
Vitality: 130 (440)
Energy: 9585
Hp: 3850
Armour: 302
Defence: 135

Lure Of Fire: 31/35
FireBolt: 50/35 (35/35)
Fire Attune: 45/35 (35/35)
Firestorm: 40/35 (35/35)
Lure Of Assains: 10/35
Energy Shield: 45/35 (35/35)

Re: Best Build

To be straight and honest that is the life of mages at that point in the game. In tower it's possible to solo if u stick to 1-3*s and time eshield right. Your current build seems fine, I'd suggest group leveling. But if you have your heart set on soloing you should bump hp up to 5/6k and use combos/lot of health sigs to help save some restos.
Best of luck :)
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Re: Best Build

Thx man, rly appreciate help and yea I changed my hp to 5-6k and my energy is down now a bit but on scs I get loads of energy and hp, and for skills use lost some points of OF assains and lure of fire and eshield and put some in cloak of fire it's amazing and my energy Sigils r 906 and ho is 526. Ty again

Re: Best Build

I found levelling from 190-205 very easy and very pot-free from mixing up my focus and vit with tank gear.

I step out into 6k hp and the rest in focus. My gear is nothing special, the most notable equipment is my stargem tank set that gives me 115hp regen in combat alongside 2.5k-ish hp and a tonne of armour and defence.

The hp regen in combat mixed with e shield makes it real easy to solo 1,2 and 3* mobs without using any pots.
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Re: Best Build

I wouldnt use a 150 shrive set anymore when 175+. Try to get a royal silverweb charm, firestorm direct bonus charm or firebolt recast charm if you dont have a skull/necro brace. River ammy is very nice, if you can get your hands on that, go for it.

Your build seems fine tho. If you are having trouble with keeping alive, I would suggest getting a lux ammy with shield skill or simply use a shield.. group leveling also helps a ton, but with your gear solo lixing 1-3* mobs should not be a problem at all.
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Re: Best Build

Hi, yea over dbl plat i bought some items. I now have a Majecstic trollsbone helm fo firestorm bought for 760K, River ammy bought for 1.7m, Imperial frostion braclet of thawin for 1M. so i think im set althought i think i still need/want a silverweb misc and another thawing brace. stats with this new gear are now 5.6k hp and 9.7k energy and 256 armour. Does anybody know any good mage rings that boost armour a lot of r good tat i can look for to buy?

Re: Best Build

Mordris Brace is better.

Armour isnt needed once youre endgame. Anyway, good rings with some armour are Blight- and Infernocasters rings of the crag.
Perkamentus, lv 230 Full Doch Gul Ice Mage
Avanor, lv 220 Rogue
Silvos, lv 191 Ranger

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