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I am 200 alot of peeps been saying ice is better for leveling for example my friend mrscar leveled his mage fast as doodoo and hhe was ice... I am whiling to try it out what set up is recommended for me to level as ice and state ( I use skain spiritseed set)

Re: Icemage

Scar could also dual and triple log to help speed up the process. I wouldn't recommend leveling as an ice mage. The long cool downs would drive me nuts
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Re: Icemage

Armo wrote:Why not ask your ice mage friend for what spells he uses, in my opinion fire is superior.

Because the best ice and fire mages on donn aren't in his clan and not sure if they would offer advice.
Zyz 220 Druid
Noah Fences 220 Rogue

Re: Icemage

With good cooldown, being Ice isn't that bad. I went Ice because clan needed Ice Mages so we could down this event boss more easily. Originally I used a Dark Ice Shards Skull and Imperial Necral Ice Blast Brace, which works great. Now I am using the Void Gele Blast Wand, so my Shards is slower, but damage is nuke and I love it.
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