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LVL 188 Alt mage

so my alt which i am leveling is having trouble with energy, i seem to be running out extremely fast. 4minuits, when i have asked other mages if they ran out of energy at my lvl they said they didnt have a single problem

Will update with my stats and gear once i get home.
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Re: LVL 188 Alt mage

Try to get sigils.

If that is hard, get gear that adds energy regen.

Use heroic energy lixs while lixing.
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Re: LVL 188 Alt mage

Energy is an issue for mages. Anyone who did not have issues invested heavily to avoid that problem.

Use energy boost which can take away from dps but works.
Use lures in group. If you spamming dps you need energy.
Buy sigils. Mages can pause to sig in groups and solo between mobs.
Buy lux. My least favorite answer because it's hard to get enough regen that way.

Buy a rabbit. Expensive and tokens are not easy to find but at higher levels the regen is nice.
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