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Re: Full DG vs DG/Occult

Criminal wrote:
-MF- wrote:
Perky wrote:I believe there was once a post made where you could calculate your total damage, but I cant find it anymore.

Anyone have an idea of how much your ice damage skills would improve with 1600 foc and 1800 ice magic?

Why don't you just calculate it? 500 ice magic is equal to 100 focus. Just put 100 points less into focus and look at the damage difference.. then you can calculate it yourself. Damage of 100 focus x 19,6.

There are swan's formulas, each skill has it's own parameters. In case of Ice Shards, Focus is a bit over 3 times more effective than Ice Magic (at the same amount, for example, going from 10 focus to 11 focus will add 3 times more than going from 10 ice magic to 11), since Ice Magic is at higher amounts it becomes less effective (sqaure root, going from 2000 focus to 2500 focus isnt the same as going from 2500 focus to 3000, so 2000 to 2500 will be even more than 3 times than 3000 ice magic to 3500). For Ice Blast its 3.5928 times more, and so on for the other skills. Again, since Ice Magic is at higher amounts than focus, it can even get to 1 focus being equal to 5 ice magic.

False... get your facts right. A shrivewood set gives me the exact same damage on all skills as a spiritseed set.
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Re: Full DG vs DG/Occult

Well, both Shrive and Spirit add same amount of focus, one adds 1k ability and one adds 200 focus, thus the ratio of 1:5. Had u read the whole post, u would see that the gap changes with the value of ur Focus and Ability, but if Focus and Ice/Fire Magic were in the exact amount (lets say 1000), and u added both same amount (another 1000), the ratio would be 1:3 focus:ability. I may not be a mage, but I surely love how someone comes with a horrible point and throws 'False! Get your facts right!' while completely lacking reading skills.
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Re: Full DG vs DG/Occult

Level 50 Ice Blast Damage = 117.97*sqrt(Focus) + 32.835*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 487.25 + Ice Attunement Damage Boost

Level 50 Ice Shards Damage = 96.322*sqrt(Focus) + 30.47*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 702.43 + Ice Attunement Damage Boost

From Swan. Parameter of focus on Ice Shards is 96.322, on Ice Magic its 30.47 (it being square root is what makes the gap change based on the values of each), 96.322/30.47 = 3.161. Focus is 3.161 times more effective than Ice Magic on Ice Shards at SAME AMOUNTS exactly. For Ice Blast its 117.97/32.835 = 3.5928.

1000 focus would add 3730.589 dmg to Ice Blast (GOING from 0 TO 1000, not 1000 to 2000 or 2000 to 3000), while 1000 Ice Magic would add 1038.333 dmg to Ice Blast (going from 0 to 1000), 3730.589/1038.333 = 3.5928, wow, what intense accuracy.
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Re: Full DG vs DG/Occult

Criminal I love your calculations they are spot on, and yes DG as a full set is completely superior than breaking it up between occ/edl/DG/ hrung etc. I just recently got my full DG set and instantly hit 3k more damage from my shards. The stats as a whole is just extremely over powered.

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Re: Full DG vs DG/Occult

Targareyn wrote:
Perky wrote:Targareyn, how much is your base HP now?

8600+ base Hp

Thats very nice, thank you!
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