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Re: How to farm

You could do the occasionally grinding, keep killing lower level mobs you can kill fast, depending on your gear.

The best what works for me is to kill the mini bosses like: frozen/meteoric/stonevale bosses and atrisal in shalemont. If your lucky you can get some nice drops you can sell for a pretty penny and it won't take you that long to check them( if you have a mount).

Re: How to farm

Just an extra bit of advice to help,

Like paggasquid said, you could farm on mini-bosses (which I assume are ph's?).

To help a bit with the meteoric placeholder part, I decided to add in a bit more info.

Each Placeholder gives a gem upon death. Sometimes, instead of a gem, you get a damage/resistance bracelet with similar appearance to this one.
image.png (6.68 KiB) Viewed 2366 times

As the level of the placeholder goes up, like going from Stonefang's placeholders to, say, Redbane's, you will get rarer crystals more commonly. Normally, when I kill Stonefang's placeholder I get a Rose Quartz (50G*), Jet (100G), or a Pearl (150G). However, when I advance to Redbane, I get Amethysts (200G) easily. There is also a good chance of even getting a Peridot (300G).

Here is a list of all obtainable gems that I know of:
Rose Quartz (50G)
Jet (100G)
Pearl (150G)
Amethyst (200G)
Peridot (300G)
Sapphire (500G)
Ruby (700G)
Emerald (1,000G, thanks Casting :) )
Diamond (1,500G)

*All prices listed are when the item is sold to the event's mount shop.

That's all I know for Meteoric Placeholders.

Hope this helps :)
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Re: How to farm

Emerald is 1,000g ^
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