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Fighting higher level mobs

I am curious if anyone knows the formula the game uses to determine combat damage? I can understand higher lvl mobs having a higher defense against melee strikes but when ice blast hits a target 40 levels above me it doesn't seem like good math that it could only do 50 damage when ice attunement and lure of ice are cast plus a combo elixer is in play (which should close the level gap significantly). Does anyone know the formula for how this all works? My build is 3/2 focus/vitality and my offensive skills are maxed for my lvl (93). I can understand that the higher lvl mobs survive longer by having more health than their lower level counterparts but once lure of ice strips their magic defense, shouldn't they still take the same damage as any other mob? It's almost as if the game is designed to purposely prevent you from attacking higher level targets regardless of your attack power.
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