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Re: Unconventional Battle-Mage build

Furyion wrote:
paggasquid wrote:How can I be in the rival clan if you are clanless?
And as a matter of fact you are even too low to observe Gelebron. You are too low to observe most tower bosses and I doubt you have killed a single edl boss. You claim things are easy while you have not done all of them. If things are so easy for you, how is it you still owe people blue crowns for over a year now.

I am not clanless.

I could just watch a video of the boss, or even have a plan ready just by someone discribing the encounter, skills and any adds and such.

Edl bosses? It's still easy learning, just like when I did dl bosses when it was endgame. It's not a gamebreaker to not know these things, as it's extremely simple.

paggasquid wrote:First of all, it would have made sense if you told me back then how to kill the 160 dl if I was still 120. It would have been dumb if I were to claim that I knew everything about the game and that I was smarter and more experienced then all the other high levels on all the servers while I hadn't experienced all the aspects of this game. I have never said 'skill' is needed for dl bosses, but for raid bosses both strategic and organisation skills are necesarry. The fact that back in your active days mordris only got killed once a week and necro was a no-go proves that I am right.

If you can learn how to kill a defector you can learn how to kill any boss. Just observe, learn, kill, then future kills should be easy. Should only take one kill to learn. Bosses may vary a bit, but they all have the same concept, just adapt to it and you'll be fine.

Raid bosses, are the hardest bosses, however it's still easy. The only thing that can mess it up is lag, lack of people, and people not listening.

Challenge for pro furyion: lead a necro kill. You're allowed to bring as many non laggy blind followers as you want. Since you said all you need is no log, enough people, and everyone listening. Can you do it?

Oh whoops, looks like you forgot one category: level. Just like how you're now low level and obsolete, your nub friends who think they're pro will never be able to do anything at a boss 70 levels higher than themselves. Just like how the builds they think are great now are terrible outside of their low level near sighted range (melee mage :lol: )
Level 220 mage- InnerCircle of Rhiannon
Necro, proteus, unox kills :D

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