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Re: Any idea if they tweaked mages with the event?

You will only do max potential dmg on a mob with no resistance. For training, even without a maxed lure you should be taking their resistance down to 0. Hence hitting an average of 80% of your max. On bosses it's a different story. Some bosses have an absurd amount of elemental resistances (carrow bosses, 210e 6* etc). Some have very high resistances to some elements and very little to others. For example, 195 6* edl has such a low resistance to fire that it is taken down to 0 without even a maxed lure. So 195+ fire mages will be hitting an average of 80% of max dmg on it, meaning they are guaranteed the kill. If you do in fact have op gear at 140, you should be outdpsing other classes with less than op gear on bosses, as long as your lures are high enough.

But your idea of an op 140 mage is probably way off; in addition to your view of mages overall. Mages become op due to cooldown reduction items and 50 points in their dps skills. Which is not possible at 140. Try leveling to an actual high level before forming the conclusion that mages are terrible. My current build gives a 8.5k firebolt on dark skull. With some gear swaps (no alts or rebirths) I can also get to 9k hp and 3k def, allowing me to tank 210 edl adds and even solo 5* dl bosses. I have not used a pot in a week despite having under 4k hp with my dps build. Good tanks will rarely use agro, but you don't have real tanks at 140. Level to 180, join a real clan, get some real gear, and post again when you're ready
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