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Re: Mages the TRUTH

really? i made my mage for pvp but when ppl tht sent me duels were higher lv id catch up to them and eventually u get to a point where dl becomes a goal.
And i got my mage from 1-168 in 2 months with few day break every now and then, recommend finding partner

Re: Mages the TRUTH

If you start with a Mage, you will learn how to level (look at the guides here) then if you switch to another one later, it will seem easy. And you will have learned how to calculate and balance builds properly, not just set auto and forget you were playing.
GARAT level 198 Ice Mage
Started playing at the beginning of Sahmain 2012

The Mage's best weapon is a calculator!

Re: Mages the TRUTH

Mage is like any other class. Do the work and get the rewards. Hate seeing people say mages are hard to level. I have leveled probably 80-90% solo and often without lix. I have never had op equipment but have always had decent stuff. Just work hard and the rewards are great. SO FUN to blast a group and have them all die lol. So fun to cast FB on a mob and then start working on another and let FB do its thing. Love it lol.

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