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Best for leveling?

Exalted Karpati night flyer or ascendent arctic wings.

1. Which is better for solo leveling.
FYI I don't care about other items, I want to know which would be better for leveling out of these two items.

2. And why is it better than the other?

Thanks for your time.

Re: Best for leveling?

^who uses energy regen items?

use the best aggy grim/mordris grim/hrungnir skull available

If you are lowish level (<120) go full dps with focus offhand
If you're mid level (140-170), get an offhand shield and add some vit
If you're highish level (>180) and trying to solo, don't. Go find a partner and add some points to pierce lure and go back to full dps
Level 220 mage- InnerCircle of Rhiannon
Necro, proteus, unox kills :D

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