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Re: Uses of freeze?

Armo wrote:Like SmartOne said, only reason i use is for Priestess.. Such a waste of skill points. I have a +6, +5, +4 and +3 ring of freeze which I swap in during Priestess to save me 18 skill points.

The priestess and arena fun are pretty much the only use for a fire mage. For grinding and regular gameplay, a fire mage will get more out of eshield.
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Re: Uses of freeze?

Armo wrote:Unfortunately it's not viable for a fire mage build. :(

Still nice for trolling people in arena. :lol:

+1 I do that all the time. I just need to get rescue :lol:. My friend Rom hates it, because he doesn't have much regen, so he is basically a sitting duck while my cool down nukes recharge.
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