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Re: Guide for Mages

He may be looking at energy cost over time, not just for a single cast. You cast storm every 15 sec or so and bolt every 6 sec or so, while only casting e shield every min or so.
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Re: Guide for Mages (in the making)

paggasquid wrote:
Xanadu wrote:Storm and shards can be a problem. My 47/35 storm is around 600+ energy per cast, which actually a bit more than my 35/35 eshield.

Woooow how is it possible ur eshield takes less then 600 energy at lvl 35? Mine takes 1k+ energy at lvl 32

Nice necropost. Considering that I'm 192 now, I can't really screenshot for you anymore.
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Re: Guide for Mages

Wow it just feels so confusing , i have a lvl 72 warrior , and when i was lvling i saw a mage kill like 6 mobs 10'lvls higher than him with one hit , so i decided to create a mage , i didint rly know about the choosing an element thing so i randomly upgraded skills , ice shards was op and ice blast wasent so op , but faster cooldown , i upgraded alot , and bought new skills , to the point i had firestorm ,lure of fire , ice attunement ,energy shield ,energy boost & bandage wounds , everyone tells me to go one way , either fire or ice , i dont rly know what to choose , and i dont have any money to buy other skills , i can buy an alt book ,and choose one , maby i should go with fire since i got rare firestorm , but ice shards are op , and i might need fire attune instead of ice attune ... IDK IM RLY CONFUSED , The server im on is tarahorn ,username , Merlin skylion , lvl 41 rn and i rly need help from someone

Re: Guide for Mages

there are many builds on mage page look and what i recommend is fire because thats what i think of because i listen to my MixTape as i play and all i think is "this is flamin" LMFAO!! if you have regen go ice in my opinion as you can get like ice attune rings and ice blast rings and fire rings are harder to get

Re: Guide for Mages

Lol xD , Taranis* , Now im lvl 101 , im a fire mage i have a few regens , 90 health and 120 energy regen... My shield is lvl 31 i have ALOT of focus.. My firestorm is maxed out and so is my firebolt ,i dont use any skills to regenerate i have some rare 1 m wings 80% 1000 dmg from proc skill 10% proc , provides airshield skill witch protects me from 400 dmg for 15 secs and im a skillfull conjurer , used to be invincible xD soooooooooooooo , now im good with my mage :)

Re: Guide for Mages

Thanks Bud , I Was Looking For This Because I'm Thinking About Changing To A Mage.
Do You Know A Good Leveling Guide For Mages From Level 1-150 Or Above ?
Need It To Not Depend Much On Plat , Going Fire Mage , Thanks Again.
By The Way , Which Is Better For Mages : Shields Or Offhands That Increase Focus Or Gives Energy Regen Or Whatever?
Because Mages Need Too Much Focus , But They Also Need Too Much Armor , I Saw The Picture That Someone Posted Here Which Displays You Using Bandage Wounds , Well , I Saw You Using DL Grimoire And Shield Of The Ramparts (If I'm Right) , So Which Is Better Considering That I Will Be Fire Mage And
MAY Buy Plat?
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Re: Guide for Mages

That picture of bandage wounds was just to try get highest heal possible. Not a good build to use normally.

I would recommend having as much DPS as possible (maximise focus) and leveling with a warrior or druid to keep you alive.

Edit: Here's a random picture of me lixing for you, lol.

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Re: Guide for Mages

Thanks Buddy , But Won't Leveling With A Group Like The One You Have On The Screenshot Make The Xp A Little Lower?
I Know Leveling With Groups Is Better , But Doesn't Soloing Gives More?
Btw Do You Know About A Mage Leveling Guide Which Doesn't Depend Much On Plat?

And Please Post More Screenshot :D :D :D :D
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