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Energy Shield...

ive just realized that there might be a problem with energy shield...why use it?

just put your points in vit...youll save some skill points and itll have virtually the same effect as the energy shield

only difference is in pvp you can cast eshield twice but in pvp eshield is also nerfed so it all evens out
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Re: Energy Shield...

i dont use it, and i see many others that dont use it
well my mage is a lvl 71 noob, but at least he can solo easily even on ow :D
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Re: Energy Shield...

The problem happens if you are a fire mage. Your damage is directly porportional to your focus, so... The lower your focus, the lower your bolt damage. Ive tested this out, and having a 1:4 vitality/focus increases you damage substantially then having it reversed. I also noticed my firestorm increase a lot.

There is no way around it. Either you dont die a lot but have a much lower then capable damage, or have higher damage but die a lot. The truth is, if you want to free up points, your gonna have to first, buy a lot of energy luxery, thus freeing up points from energy boost. Then, get a lot of health lux plus sigils to take points out of eshield. This is my experience.

No way around it.. Mages are a money pit if one wishes to maintain any level of sanity while playing. If you are not willing to put money... Hundreds of dollars .... Into your mage.... Get out now. Cut your losses. It gets worse when your over lvl 100.

Just my two cents from a disgruntled mage who is in too deep to bail out now.

Oh, and if your thinking youll just go to ice instead.... That is horrible. I have +7 in ice blast rings and +4 shard ring.... And even with that... WITH $300 lux... With all ice skills maxed except lure, half way, ..... It sucks. And guess what, i miss almost as much as fire.. But when u do with ice.. Your screwed.

Welcome to the life of a mage! It only gets worse from here.

Re: Energy Shield...

Thome, with all respect , the problem is you..
You dont need plat or you dont have to spend money on a mage to be succesfull ( like me )
You are obviously using wrong equipment/build , ask some other mages about how they roll ;)
Btw energy shield still saves lifes,trust me ;)
Also, instead of discouraging others you could ask other mages about their play style,how they roll in the game in the hope you can 'fix' your mage..have fun.
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Re: Energy Shield...

ive barely spent any money on my mage...my warrior farms great gold and getting a heroic ammy and other lux should be cake for him
ive started planning ahead and already have a lot of stuff my mage could use

also i heard from someones post a bit back that focus' affect on damage has a plateau
after like 300-500 points or something it stops having a big affect on your damage
what level are you thome?

plus i just dont think its worth it to spend a lot of points into a skill which basically just turns a large amount of focus to vit for 1:30
ill be rebirthing my mage once i get started on him and trying out a build with a higher amount of vit and lower amount of focus with no energy shield

also i have a question for some of the more experienced mages...is energy shield affected by armor?
Deathreaver - level 136 Warrior
Flametongue - level 62 Mage

Re: Energy Shield...

I am lvl 111, and i have not seen a plateau yet.. I have 3400 energy. There is a Huge difference between 2400 and 3400 in focus in relationship to your bolt damage. Huge.

The point is that if you sacrafice focus for vitality... You fire skills will suffer... BIG TIME. Either stay alive and cast bolts much lower then potential against lottle resistent mobs... Or die a lot but inflict more damage... In between the endless evades.

I used to be semi tank, with eshield maxed , and enough lux to not need eboost. I stayed alive.... But my damage was crap compared to other classes even 10 lvls lower even. I was fighting in clan groups a lot, so i decided to try to get more damage to contribute more, so i basically switched my focus and vitality around, and boom... Noticed a huge increase in my fire skills... But i died ALL the time.

I have probably bought 70 alt books. I have tried every concievable build, full fire, full ice, semi tank, mixed, hybrids, etc...

At 111, not many mages can be better. I am full warden... Just became available for frozen gaunlets... So you cant use that as en excuse. I have lux out my ying yang. I havr all my damage skills maxed , so basically, then next 8 levels, i can either put in lure or eshield, with lure not effecting any more damage except for bosses. I am choosing to put in eshield.

Basically, im definetly not the best at 111, but i am up there in as far as the most reasonable ability in mages with no alt or their mage as a secondary character where they have a extremely higher level to enable them to get better rings.

Fire is much better then ice, but i thought withh my +7 blast, and +4 shards... I shoould be awesome. With those rings, ice is STILL worse then fire build with +7 lure, which is a little worthless in as far as regular mobs after half way.

Ive tested, tested, tested.

I sometimes think people leveled their mages before the updats messed it up, or their mage is their secondary character and they have a much higher level to equip their mage with....

I will stand firm on this... There is NOT enough points to go around for a mage. Everything seems dependent upon two other things to even remotely kinda achieve its potential.

I have read this assertion before on these forumsa. Cant be lonely old me.

Again, i will suggest to anyone with a mage who hasnt put a lot of money in it, to get out if you are a lower lvl. If you are above 70 but under 100.... Get ready... At 100... Crap changes. Big time.

And to anyone who claims different and disagrees, all i can say is that MY experience is different , and considering that i have best armor available, skills maxed, and the most and best luxery i can use at one time at my level... I cant relate to your claimed experience in dealing with mages in this game.

When your in a clan battle, and someone 10 levels lower is out damaging you by far, and you have all fire skills maxed ONLY because you bought a lot of luxery to FREE points you would Normally need for shield and boost.... You know somethings broken.

It not me, nor my build, not my skills, nor my stats, nor my armor

Its called the mage class.

There is a post from a lvl 186 or around it mage on Morrigan where i am at, who has also blatantly said, that he has come to the conclusion that the mage class is basically a money pit and its extremely difficult to play without lux, in other words, luxery is basically required to keep up with the jonses of the other classes.

Maybe its just him too, right?

Deathreaver.. Test it out for yourself. Put 3/4 into vitality and 1/4 into energy... And see how low your bolt goes with the same amount in your skills as before ( not including the extra you can put in because of lack of eshield now)

Oh, and dont forget.... If you depend of eboost

Good luck getting it off now... Without eshield.

Or you could judt buy a bunch of energy luxery to compensate... Which ironically... PROVES MY POINT.

Re: Energy Shield...

123 mage here :)
I use e shield and love e shield :P, at 30/30 it gives me over 1600 extra hits.
The whole deal with shield is its a way to give yourself more hits (and alot of them) during combat. It also does not allow interrupts. And since e boost is easy to interrupt and firestorm can be interrupted not having a shield up can be a pain. I do very good damage, though I am not obsessed with seeing a you killed so and so. I solo quite well with some sigils and good lux.
Fire mage btw. And warden/zodiac armor sucks for training. Use an armor with a focus boost and if you have enough focus just put more in vit with a rebirth.
Yes armor effects shield.
So does focus and ice magic ability but no one seems to listen when I explain this.
Otm my post does NOT mean mages are op and need a nerf thank you very much.

Re: Energy Shield...

Or.. Just balance Eshield and Eboost? Max bolt/storm and put 18 in lure, remaining points into attune. Stats,get 2k health and rest in focus, you should do fine..
Oh btw, mage is a money pit if you refuse to use energy boost and buy all energy regens available..messes up your character
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