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Practical joke - IceBlast - Mages

So... OTM is this a joke or did you really make Ice blast just as strong as firestorm except it takes half the time to cast?
Sure mages were OP, everyone knows that but you buffed every class and made ice blast a useless skill. Once Iceblast is branded a useless skill, then their goes Ice attunement and Frostbite. The obvious fix was to debuff attunements but you still went ahead and decreased all of our damage skills. Maybe alittle bit of help from the Mage community could of been worth your while, but now while I'm sure every mage will complain about your decision to make Iceblast %45 weaker. I'm sure you guys were expecting some anger for mages, but %45? You just made 3 new skills useless by doing that. I like how you increased Fire Storm's recast time, well now once again Ice is a useless ability since U2.

I may be over exaggerating but isnt that what everyone on the forums does now adays to make another class weaker?
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OK. I am tired of this bull crap. Dev team, why do you take one good thing in the game you made and screw it up? Maybe you should look at this situation differently. Mages were not overpowered by any means. They were the only class that was able to actually train on things their level without full LUXURY(not necessity) equipment. The way you are destroying every other class is what makes mages look OP. First, you completely ruin rangers for all they are worth so I decided to quit my Ranger and use my Mage. Mage was the only bearable class you could play without buying tons of platinum and/or luxury items. But now, now you have reached a new low. Instead of focusing your attention on fixing other classes to create some sort of communistic "equality" that everyone so desires, you go and mess up mages and throw them in the same poo hole with all your other classes. Maybe just maybe you should fix all the other classes and make them equal to the bearability that mages once were and not just screw over everyone that plays this game. This is intolerable, and I am ashamed I ever funded this game. As for now, until you make this game playable without the having to buy "luxury" items, I see no reason I should waste time or money here. Please, take a look at your game and ask yourself if this is something you would even enjoy paying. Yes, maybe you can even create an account and play without using platinum or giving yourself items and see how dang near impossible it is to do anything without scamming or platting.
This is not a direct insult at OTM. I just want them to understand the frustration I am facing. If you ban me because I spoke up for a game that I invested in and care about, so be it.

petition for mage

Increase back INCINERATE , usually my INCINERATE would hit over 1k per atk , but now its 600-700 , not fair becoz firebolt usually can hit 3.6k but its random , can go lower , 1.5k ! impossible to lower INCI , 10% ? it should increase 20% becoz firebolt dint hav at good permanant skill !

Why the aggressive mage nerf ?

I agree mages were overpowered. But a 45% nerf ? WTF. Ice blast is supposed to be the big guns spell, with its rediculous casting time and its insanely slow recast of 20 seconds. It does less than ice shards now.

Between that and getting my spells completely evaded quite a bit, no mage in their right mind would run an ice attune setup now. Which now makes the entire excitement of update worth jack to me. Why did you even need to touch eshield ? It was already nerfed in pvp.

I am seriously considering getting my sigils refunded and cutting my losses.
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Re: Practical joke - IceBlast - Mages

Too bad mages didn't make any suggestions towards making the classes more balanced prior to today's patch. Sad I didn't see any Mage comment about the insane damage prior to the nerf, the only way listening to the community works is if the community tells the honest truth. I wish you had presented this idea when you were heads above all other classes dps maybe they would have listened :(
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