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Why Mages are Druids, Fire Mages are Better and How to Use Illegal Skills

The life of a mage suppostaly starts when u press the button mage, and u think u are a mage now no? Boom u did a big mistake becuase mages doesnt exists, the big true is that u are a druid with damage. Why u are a druid? I know this can looks weird but mage is only a word, the fact is that u a druid, the only difference is that druids helps players dont die, and "mages" helps other players kill faster. Thats why u cant solo too much, and thats why u fire and ice magic ability wont help u hit the bosses, cause natures magic dont increases chances to heal, cause why someone would evade a heal?!?!?
Fire, ice and nature, u see? There are 3 kind of druids, but if u want help u friends kill faster u will only want 2 of them, ice and fire, and u must be thinking, what is more powerfull? Fire of course, cause assasins lure uses fire magic, so with more fire magic ability more effect it will have, and u must be thinking what this lure do? This lure double the damage of ranger, rougues, and around 50% of warriors, but if already exists a mage with lure of assasins, u will not be so powerfull cause can only exists one assasins lure, so this bring a important question here, what the second most powerfull? Ice, cause there only 2 anyway, u think ice mage is weaker no? its less powerfull in a same situation, but ice mages will always be stronger because they are rich (cause ice items are always cheaper and no one plays as a ice mage), so they can buy the bests items and if u want be a boomer that only uses the classic fire lure/ fire att/fire bolt/fire storm, dont do that, become a ice mage, so u can do the same thing with a lower price and with a better firestorm thats called ice blast, why ice blast is better then firestorm? first because its has 8 METERS radius since firestorm has only 6m, and firestorm once u hit adds, if theres not a warrior(tank) with a warcry on your team, firestorm not only will not kill the adds, but they gonna run for u and kill u very fast, ice blast maybe wont kill adds, but u will have to die much less than firestorm to makes those adds die.
Of course u dont come here to read all the text written before, u here cause u want to learn how to use illegal skills, u first must understand what a illegal skill is. Illegal skill is a skill that no one uses, cause its illegal of course, i know only some illegal skills, some of them dont even appears on some guides to u know how illegal it is, i can start with less illegals first
Incinerate: its illegal cause u need to reload the skill in the right time to this do 99% damage, this means u must reload exactly after the incinerate gives a hit, to do that u will have be a oracle and predict when u have to press the skill button cause it takes some time cast the skill after u press the button, u have to predict too if any damage will come for u and mess up your casting, and this skill can mess up your wand damage if u reload this every short time, and if u reload too long this can mess up your other skills. Its a good skill since it has the same recast time of a firebolt making this a good skill to deal with bosses/mobs with high evasion.
Sacrifice: its illegal cause it steals your life, but if u use a abyssal wrist, that adds effect to your sacrifice giving u a lot of energy losing very little life, this is very good for farming
Lure of Magic: its illegal because its purple, but this can be pretty good if u and everyone one u know has the atheric gele weapons that do a skill that i call druid simulator, doing magic damage making every class a druid too.
Cloack of Fire: the most illegal skill u will ever see, its illegal on 32138510 servers and some people will try to keep everyone away from this skill, basiclly it do heat damage to anyone that autoattack your tank friend, but... u cant see the damage :o , i know i know its terrible, if u cant see the damage u cant know how strong this skill is, but i already experimented myself, tanking some bosses with this skill, i can say that, this can do more damage than a incinerate or a firestorm, in a boss with a fast autoattack, and when slow autoattack its a little bit weaker than firestorm (i mean only firestorm, not firestorm + fire att, or it would 2 skills vs 1, boomer).

bonus: theres something even more illegal but its more popular, its called w a n d s, i know i know cant talk too much about it, but if want to use u should get those divine damage dl edl things, they are more sexy than other weapons, everyone knows that looks cool is more important then becoming full doch godly, i mean, if in real life i could have a weapon from this game, i would have a wand, oh "why?" u problaby ask. Imagine having a weapon, with infinite ammo that shoots a cool magic ball that u have no ideia where this come from, awsome no? Anyway this illegal cause even with some range, this weapon gets inside the area of effect attacks from boss, making u consume all the server fruit cakes, thats why this is illegal, cause this make u fat.

today we learned that
all the classes are druids
your ass is your best skill
and wands make u fat

Re: Why Mages are Druids, Fire Mages are Better and How to Use Illegal Skills

I knew it. We’re all just druids, and druids are trash so we’re all trash. And we all have gotten a Connacht wand drop before now we’re all fat as well because we eat all of the fruit cakes which makes our asses fat and we deal 200k of crush dmg just by sitting on a bosses toe ,_, that makes all of us illegal boomers ,_,
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