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New player Mage question.

When do you decide to be an Ice or Fire mage, do you just get all the spells and then at a higher level of 50 or so respec and put them all into one kind?

Also, what is the benefits of ice over the fire?
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Re: New player Mage question.

Hey im a main ice mage I would say that fire is undoubtedly better for lvling, so up until 220 or whenever you plan to stop lixing i would recommend fire. After 220 ice and fire both have their advantages and dis advantages i would say so try each and see which style fits u best. Fire has better base dps then ice and is the top dps on monos and low lvl edl bosses, ice is the leading dps on smolach and 210/205 edl bosses.
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Re: New player Mage question.

Krummy hit it right on. Fire is the best for lixing, but at EG both builds have their strengths and weaknesses. both play styles are a bit different. Fire is lighter burst damage but due to faster cool downs you can hit more often. Ice is slower but heavier. So play around with both and see which is your style.
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