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How long does druid dominance last?

Good evening all,

I started the game maybe 2 months ago and I am leveling both a ranger (lvl 97) and a Druid (lvl 88). I normally play healers in mmorpg but I quickly realized that people don't really group in Celtic. So as a druid you end up playing a support class solo which pushed me towards a more soloable class: ranger.

Therefore i mostly play my Ranger and only leveled the druid through daily bounties (he got a LOT of elite). Both my toons have super basic gear, mounts (brown lvl 3) and pets (brown level 3). Well to be more precise, my ranger has the Lux haste bracer, 10pts heal/energy regen quiver and the 10pts health/energy regen amulet. My druid has the 20 (or is it 25) health/regen amulet and rest is scrap (off hand is a skewer from shalemont). So nothing terrible.

These days my ranger is being sent to carromere for bouties and I have a hard time questing in the tunnels (the gee golly tunnel scorpions). It takes me for ever to get to the spot and it takes everything to drop the 3 stars that are below my level. And here i am talking using the full bola and kiting strategy so fights takes for ever.

On the other side, my druid goes into the fingal caves feeds on 3 stars pirates or 4 stars snakes 2 or 3 level above mine. In addition, when i get add i just distribute the vine love and keep myself healed and voila.

I can't wait for the druid to be high enough to get the bounties in carromere so i can compare the two, but so far i have to say that soloing with the druid is much much easier. I kill same level (1 star) mobs slower than the ranger but i rarely tackle those as i normally go for 2 to 4 level above and at least 2 stars.

Is this a trend that will keep on going or will the druid hit a wall after a while? Will the ranger become exponentially better once he get a good weapon? He currently wield the vendor bow from Otherworld.

Anyway, i would welcome the opinion of all, but mostly from those who soloed both a dps and a druid to high level.

I am still trying to figure which on my toons will get the lvl 100 super expensive off-hand!

Many thanks

Ps: the two toons have similar gear but the ranger has more lux: the haste gloves and quiver

Re: How long does druid dominance last?

From my experience with druids, they tend to be a pretty soloable class through the entire game. The experience is slower than other classes, but typically they don't have a ton of trouble. At lower levels, ranger damage can be lackluster, but once you start getting up into the DL armor range it gets much better.
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Re: How long does druid dominance last?

Its funny because today i got the tunnel scorpion quest for the first time with the druid (lvl 91 with full warden set and weapon) and ranger (lvl 99 with full warden set and weapon).

The quest took me 1/3 of the time to do with the druid. I simply walk to my target deep in the tunnels, melting anything that crossed my path (even getting two lvl 95 3 stars scorpions at same time...just because its faster). The quest was not a challenge at all. Super easy.

With the ranger, 8 level above, i had to navigate the tunnels and use bola to avoid attack. Every fight was long, especially against the lvl 95 3 stars. Oh and the ranger died once because of add so i had to use an idol.

So from my experience, druid seem to kill at the same speed, be it 2 or 4 stars, +2 or +4 level above. Its always safe and sound.

I will pursue the analysis and keep posted!


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