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Call for Druid Guides

Hello Druids!

Many have contributed guides to The Lexicon in the past, but the vast majority have fallen to legacy status as expansions have come. I send this call to those who seek to aid others, to share their knowledge, gather reputation among the Druid community; who through research, experimentation, and experience have acquired a unique mastery of Druiding worthy of sharing to others: write a guide!

What should my guide be about?
Whatever you are knowledgeable about -- leveling, bossing, a great build you like, strategies for various bosses, using Spring of Life effectively... whatever topics you know about that will enhance the Druid community.

Should I write it on this post?
No! Give it it's own thread, I will add a link to it in The Lexicon.

What qualifies as a good guide?
Good spelling and grammar, perfection is not necessary. Try to make it visually appealing for readers: colors, bold text, and lots of spacing is great. It is difficult to read huge blocks of text.

Does it need to be super long?
Nope, as long as you are conveying everything you want to convey and explaining everything that should be explained.

Thank you!!
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