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Re: Druid with dragon pet

Would really depend whether or not that extra 1k is effective. Some have done tests with Shield Bash and melee combat and found out it doesn't make much of a difference when you add a lot vs 2.000 ability.

Would be interesting to see actual data and the percentage it increases. It would have to be a big jump to be worth it imo. You're looking at 18 mil minimum for that extra crit chance... if it wasn't an increase of 20% or more, I'd say it's not worth it.

Re: Druid with dragon pet

Songnaam wrote:Has anyone tried this? The 1000 crit of a level 6 dragon for heals or dps could be useful.

The dragon pet is never a pet that's value for money, however, has superiority over other pets by a landslide. Heal wise it's kinda crap but for dps druid I'd recommend for sure. If you're a full dps druid you will run a totem build on raids with edl procs so you will gain 1000 strike and skill bonuses as well as 120 attack and 360 somewhat useful stat points (str helps for autos). The skill on the dragon is also the best by a significant amount however I would only recommend buying a dragon if you have a large amount of cash
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