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Druid Line group

Hello fellow druids!

I am in a Line group called Druid help chat and i would like to share this with you guys!

It is a group where ppl ask and answer questions related to druids. We also share thoughts about things and discuss topics which only druids will understand :D
We only have about 20-25 druids in there currently with all sorts of different levels, from a lvl 80 druid to end game.

If you would like to join as well just hit me up on Line contacting the following Line ID: Stan073
All you need is a Line account :D

Hope to see ya soon!

(sorry for my bad English its not my first language ;p)
Main: Lifeguard (Mabon, level 215, druid)
Alt: Koningstan (mabon, level 104, warrior)
clansman of Novalis

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