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Need advice 100+ druid

I'm slowly and steadily building a druid as a challenging side project. Currently lvl 104. I'll mostly be doing solo bounties, frozen boss groups, and eventually want to solo sentinel to level.

I have recently treat myself to a preceptor gaze ammy (90 focus, 40 vit, 60 energy regen) and also gained a +9 winds ring which I would like to make use of in winds build with dex.

1) What ratio of focus vit and dex shall I use?
2) What offhand should I use? Been using a lvl 35 shield at low levels for regen & survival but it's time to upgrade.
3) What skills would you recommend?
4) What jewellery should I try obtain?
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Re: Need advice 100+ druid

Easiest way to solo sent/razorclaw will be with grasping roots.

Skills: vines, bees, lightning, bark, embrace. I don’t suggest storm until you’ve got a decent cool down item.

Leave touch at level 1as it can’t be interrupted. Combine that with a bunny and you’ve got solid uninterrupted heals along with embrace.

Lixing at lower levels I had like 60-75 dex is all
Mostly focus with enough vit/hp to have 1500-2k hp which allowed me to survive most mobs 1v1

I always prefer a axe/blade offhand IF you’ll be using combos or hasting while lixing.

Items you’ll want: lvl 90 frostiron totem with vines skill on it, level 100 lux ammy of choice(yours is good til 140/150) all have pros and cons, hawns embrace/vines rings, royal bees ring from murky vaults, OW boss rings of vines or lightning.

Tbh I wouldn’t use vines until higher up. Most mobs should die before they can do much damage at lower levels. Most mobs will damage you more with skills than autos, and winds won’t prevent that.

Radiant earthstone has some good attributes for Druids if you have access.

Re: Need advice 100+ druid

Thanks, really helpful. Didn't realise lvl 1 touch was uninterruptable. Been using that as my main heal with much frustration! Will definitely switch to embrace. I'll go winds at 140+ I think.

I won't be hasting or using combos. I'm still torn between a focus offhand or a shield (I like tankiness). Thinking rampart? And then adjusting down my vit, upping focus. Thoughts?
Werd - 226 Ranger
Meavy Hetal - 202 Warrior
Server: Donn - Clan: Concordiia

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