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Re: Druid/warrior dual lvl

I can give you some skills to roll with as I have 3 devices I use to play. I use warrior,druid and ranger. On my druid I am full support because warrior and ranger do damage and that's just way to much button pushing for me to have druid do any dmg. I use max bless, bark, touch, breath, and embrace. On warrior I use shield and go with bash, shield, stance, pummel, taunt,rupture, and def formation. You can use your warrior in pretty much any way you want but dps is definitely preferred since you have druid for heals. If you use any dmg on druid go with vines since it has long duration and good dmg and also use lightning strike for instant dmg.

Re: Druid/warrior dual lvl

Warcry, taunt, shield wall, shield bash, for warrior basically go as tank,
Druid max bees/vines,
If can have a mage tag along with max aoe skills makes an awesome trio.

Warrior pulls all mobs in room, keeps aggro with warcry and taunt, druid keeps tank healed, vines/bees, mage smashes aoe skills,
Very effective training for exp move and clear rooms very quickly so plan a training route

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