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Re: Gelebron Kill

DarkDruid67-Taranis wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
DarkDruid67-Taranis wrote:Believe I just got the first ever Druid Gele kill today :P

It did happen!

Yo what's ur gear

Shadow Gele Totem

X3 Imp Totem Rings

Divine Ring

Godly Storm CD Brace

Royal Focus Vit HP Proto Brace

Godly Dragon Ammy

Royal Earth Charm

DG BP and Gloves

Shadow Focus Attack HP Mord Helm


Hotbar> Godly Silverweb Strike Ring, Royal Aetheric Storm Ring, Imperial Augurs Sierra Ring, Imperial Totem Ring

Level 6 Dragon

Level 6 Elk

what is a godly dragon ammy?

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